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Reservation Policy

Reservation for various categories of students in each pool shall be as under:-

I. Reservation for Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes, Union Territory Pool
*As per Reservation Norms of Chandigarh Administration

If the total number of candidates are less than the reservation,then if required there will be an inter transfer of reservation seats between Chandigarh quota and Outstation quota. If SC/ST seats are still vacant after exhausting all SC/ST candidates, then they will be thrown open in the general pool on the last day of counselling schedule.

The students belonging to these communities shall be allowed a concession of 5% marks for admission to the course in which a certain percentage of minimum marks has been prescribed, by the regulation of the University/Board, to which the institution is affiliated.

II. Reservation for dependents of Defence /Paramilitary Personnel

There is a reservation of 5 % seats for these categories in each pool. The order of preference for admission under this category will be:

III. Concession to direct descendents of the Kargil martyrs upto Academic Year(2020-21):

The ward of martyrs/permanent disabled (upto 80% leading to incapacitation) of Kargil war who have a valid certificate from the Ministry of Defence to this effect and the same is entered in the Pension Book of the family.

IV. Additional seats for Cancer, AIDS and Thalassemia patients w.e.f. 2015-16.
V. Additional Seats for Single Girl Child and One Girl Child out of only two girl children w.e.f. 2015-16.
VI. Reservation for Physically Challenged

3% seats in each pool would be filled from amongst the physically challenged candidates. The physically challenged student will furnish a medical certificate issued by the Principal Medical Officer/Civil Surgeon of Chandigarh or her concerned district, indicating percentage of disability, whether she is otherwise able to carry on the studies and perform the duties in the respective course, name of the disease causing handicap, whether handicap is temporary or permanent, whether handicap is progressive or nonprogressive. The students having temporary handicap would not be considered against the reserved seats for physically challenged. Where the certificates are issued by any authority other than the Principal Medical Officer of Chandigarh and the candidate's turn comes for admission against reserve seat for physically challenged the concerned head of Institution shall refer the candidate to the Principal Medical Officer, Chandigarh and shall admit the candidate only after confirmations from the P.M.O. Chandigarh.

VII. Reservation for children/ grand children of Freedom Fighters:

2 % seats in each pool will be filled with children /grand children of Freedom Fighters. The wards of Freedom Fighters who have been sanctioned pension or awarded 'Tamra Patra' by the Government of India would be eligible for reservation under this category.

In case of such freedom fighters it would be a necessary condition for them to obtain a certificate from the Deputy Commissioner of the concerned district. Grand children mean son's son/daughter or daughter's son/daughter.

VIII. Concessions to the wards of Kashmiri Migrants/Displaced persons
IX. Reservation under the Sports Quota

IMPORTANT : Only 'A', 'B', 'C' and 'D' grade will be awarded.
Inter- se Seniority/ Ranking/Grading will be decided by the concerned Institution itself. In the matter of rating, inter-se, the performance of the same grade will be given in the following descending order, namely:-


Performance in the following Sports disciplines will only be considered for the purpose of Sports Gradation Certificates:-

01. Aquatics02. Archery
03. Athletics 04. Badminton
05. Baseball 0 6. Basketball
07. Boxing(Men) 08. Canoeing
09. Cycling 10. Equestrian
11. Fencing 12. Football
13. Gymnastics 14. Handball
15.Hockey 16.Judo
17.Rowing 18. Sailing
19. Shooting 20. Softball
21. Table Tennis22. Taekwondo
23. Tennis 24. Triathlon
25. Volleyball 26. Weightlifting
27. Wrestling(Men) 28.Cricket

Students seeking admission to this category shall be considered only :-


Screening/ Trials/ Meeting for issuance of gradation certificate will be held on quarterly basis. It may be done on monthly basis if need be with the prior approval of the component authority as a special case.

In case of any doubt or clarification about the criteria the decision of the Secretary Sports, Chandigarh Administration shall be final.

X. Two additional seats for rural area students

Only those candidates will be considered in this category, who have passed their Matriculation and +2 examination from those rural schools that do not fall in the area of the Municipal Corporation/ Municipal Committee/ Small town/ Notified Area. Further, the candidates should have been studying in such school for atleast five years before passing the last examination. A candidate claiming such benefit will have to produce a certificate from the D.E.O./ Principal of the concerned institution of the area certifying that the school from where the candidate has passed the Matriculation and +2 examination, falls within the aforesaid rural area.

XI. One additional seat for border area students.

The Border area students shall mean those candidates who have passed their Matriculation and +2 examination from the Border Area Schools situated within 20 Kilometres from the International Border. A candidate claiming such benefit will have to produce a certificate from the Tehsildar or the Principal/ Headmaster/ Head of the School from where the candidate has passed the matriculation or +2 examination, falls within the aforesaid Border area.

Implementation of the above policies is, however, clarified as under:

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