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Leave Rules

The students must apply for leave in advance, and before they avail themselves of the leave they should ascertain whether their leave has been sanctioned or not. In case of illness or exceptional emergency, leave application must be sent in time.

The application for the leave should be signed by the parent/guardian of the applicant and recommended by the tutor.

Leave from a particular class is sanctioned by the faculty concerned.

Applications for sick leave for more than three days should be supported by medical certificate from duly qualified and registered medical practitioner. It must reach the Principal within two days of the date of commencement of the leave applied, even if the applicant is out of station. Resident students must submit the medical certificate from the college medical officer.

Absent without Leave

Absence from the college on days immediately before or after autumn or winter vacation entails disciplinary action.

The name of any student who absents herself from the college for ten days or more without any information will be struck off from the college rolls. The Principal has the power to strike off name of any student who is irregular in attendance or is not amenable to the college discipline.

Each student must bear the cost of repairing and replacing all articles of furniture, crockery, library books etc. lost, broken and damaged by her.

If a student after getting admission or during the session remains absent continuously for 10 days, her name will be struck off from the college rolls.

The college discipline committee is fully authorized to charge fine from the student who remains absent from the college activities.

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