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Important Instructions

  1. Candidates and their parents are advised to read the prospectus carefully before applying for admission.
  2. All rules and regulations are subject to change as per the directions/instructions of Panjab University, Chandigarh as well as Chandigarh Administration.
  3. This prospectus is only for general information.
  4. Parents/guardians (in case parents are deceased) must accompany their wards for admission to the Hostel/College.
  5. Any act of indiscipline on the part of candidates while seeking admission may lead to disqualification.
  6. Any revision in the pattern of college/university fee by Chandigarh Administration/University shall be binding on the students.
  7. Only female candidates are eligible to apply for admission to any course(s) in this College.
  8. Students applying for more than one course/Diploma shall have to apply on separate forms. Each form must be complete in itself i.e. it should be enclosed with the requisite number of certificates and detailed marks certificates (DMC`s). Incomplete applications will be rejected.
  9. All DMCs, if not attached with the application form earlier, must be submitted and attached to the form one day prior to the date of respective interviews by 1:00 p.m. positively. Under no circumstances shall any candidate be allowed to submit the required DMCs on the day of the interview.

For enquiry : Contact the office Superintendent
Phone: 0172-2740387

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