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Hostel and Rules

Hostel accommodation, including boarding, is available.

There shall be a mess committee constituted by the Principal to guide the representatives of the students to look after the mess arrangement.


For the efficient functioning of the college hostel, there is a Hostel committee consisting of the Principal, the Hostel Supdt., and members of the staff and students' representatives. This committee looks into the day-to-day difficulties and problems of resident students and frame rules from time to time.

Every resident student will be expected to follow the hostel rules strictly.


Outing will be on every Wednesday after 4 p.m. till roll call time and on every Sunday from 10 a.m. till roll call time. Passes will be issued on Wednesday itself. Weekend outings will be permitted only with the parents' permission. The pass booklet will be signed by the parents when the student takes a weekend outing and should be returned to the hostel superintendent, on return to the hostel.

No student shall be allowed to go out of town during working days without the prior permission of the Principal/Hostel Supdt.

An application seeking permission should be sent by the parents/local guardians direct to the Principal/ Hostel Supdt. No resident student shall be allowed to become a day scholar during the stay in the hostel for more than two days. If any student does so, her seat in the hostel will be cancelled immediately.

A resident student on leave from the hostel will apply for the leave from the college as well. In case she is found attending classes in the college while on sick leave from the hostel strict action will be taken against her.

Students who absent themselves from the hostel without Night Out Pass will have to face strict action as per the decision of the Hostel Committee.



Students should bring with them their own bedding, bed linen, locks, a tumbler, two plates, a spoon and one bulb.

The students are not permitted to use any private electrical appliances, radio, two in one, electric rods, electrical press, transistors, record players etc. In case of default a fine of Rs. 150/- will be imposed and the electric appliance will be confiscated from the defaulter to be returned only when she leaves the hostel.

Any loss or damage to the hostel property including furniture will be recovered from the defaulters. The Principal/Hostel Supdt. Reserve the rights of censorship of all correspondence of all the resident students.

Students should not use abusive/foul language.

Silence hours should strictly be observed by the resident students after 9.30 p.m. daily so as to allow the students to study without any kind of interference or disturbance.

Students must not bring costly jewellery or keep excessive cash with them. The student should open an account with the State Bank of Patiala, Sector-10, Chandigarh. The hostel/ college authorities will not be responsible for the loss of any personal property.

Parents should be very careful in appointing local guardians of their wards who will shoulder the responsibility of looking after their wards without any hesitation. In case of any sickness or any emergency their address and telephone / mobile numbers etc. must be clearly written on the form alongwith their specimen signatures.

The Parents/visitors of the ward should be properly properly dressed while visiting the hostel.

In case of any change of address/ contact number of parents and local guardians, the same must be intimated to the hostel authorities immediately.

Students suffering from serious/chronic/infectious diseases will not be admitted in the hostel. If this fact is concealed from the authorities at the time of admission, the student's seat in the hostel will be cancelled, as soon as it is discovered that she is suffering from a serious disease.

Medical certificate from the medical practitioner must be attached along with the admission form.

Visiting Days and Timings:

Saturdays 02.00 P.M. to 5.30. P.M.
Sundays 10.30 A.M. to 5.30. P.M.


Rules with regard to permission to resident students to leave the hostel have been framed by the D.P.I. Chandigarh Administration, as intimated, - vide Memo No. DOI (UT) (CH) 12(12/75), dated 15th February, 1975. The same will be observed by the students.

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