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Family Resource Management

It is the dream of one and all to have a functional, aesthetically furnished, economical and technically strong house. This dream can come true by doing B.Sc. in Interior Design and Resource Management. Management of a home involves the use and creation of resources to achieve goals. Resources are the means to achieve goals but they are becoming scarce and limited, both quantitatively and qualitatively. Thus the optimum use of resources, ways to increase their availability and conservation is the need of the hour.

The profession of Interior Design has a lot of scope since it is relatively new in India and is developing fast. It has gained enormous popularity. The students study courses related to Interior Space Planning, Design and Display Analysis, Interior Decoration, Furnishings and Furniture Designing, Household Equipment and Ergonomics. Students gain practical experience by preparing drawings of both residential and commercial sectors. They also study Computer Aided Design (CAD) in detail, which helps the student to make their work more professional in order to meet the current market demands and to increase their job prospects. This in depth knowledge of Resource Management and Interiors is gained by doing B.Sc. (H.Sc.) in Interior Design and Resource management.

This course has numerous job opportunities in private (Corporate and Commercial) and public sector. The students can work as free lancers or can also be co- workers with architects, contractors, interior decorators and real estate companies. Teaching in schools, colleges, polytechnic institutes can be another attraction after completing this course. Hence it is not only a creative, innovative and interesting field to study but has enormous job opportunities as well.

Infrastructure of the department includes four labs viz. - Family Resource Management Lab, Furnishing Lab, Design Studio, Computer Lab along with smart class rooms for theory classes. The department has "Creatrix" club which holds various activities like competitions, workshops, exhibitions, group discussions, seminars, extension lectures, theme decorations etc. throughout the session, to upgrade the knowledge of the students and to make teaching- learning more effective and stimulating.

Annual Activities of the Department (Session 2015-16)

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